Gilbert Bretterbauer – textile order


Gilbert Bretterbauer

textile order

7.12. - 8.01.2018

MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

equally spaced nets are arranged in such a way so as to make the space seem impenetrable while, at the same time, allowing for clear glimpses depending on the viewer’s position. due to the geometrically arranged levels of textile, the empty volume becomes visible in which rhythmically strung groups of colours form patterns. the perspective of perception creates the threedimensionality of the space, and textile straps lend a haptic component through their hanging characteristics.


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gilbert bretterbauer (*1957 in vienna)


after his studies at the university of applied arts in vienna from 1979–1986, the artist received the mombusho postgraduate scholarship and went to kyoto, japan for two years. from 1991–1997 he taught at the university of applied arts in vienna before moving to los angeles, usa from 1996–1998 as artist in residence at the MAK center. his private artistic practice in vienna and los angeles gave rise, amongst other things, to the baldwin/bretterbauer studio in 1999. in 2011 gilbert bretterbauer became head of the department for at the university of art and design linz. he has also been running the label bretterbauerobjects in vienna since 2012 and takes part in exhibitions and projects in austria and abroad.