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Kai Philip Trausenegger

Kai Philip Trausenegger was born in 1990 in Vienna. He studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as well as cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna. Since 2016 he has also been engaged in studies of trans-disciplinary fine arts at the University of Applied Arts.


His many years of studying ethnology as well as topics such as spirituality, rituals and technology have great influence on his work. Social practices and art theory premises are mingled and interwoven with fiction, history and reality.


The presentational form of his objects and installations takes up current media theories while simultaneously utilising a contemporary advertising aesthetic. Manipulation, exaggeration and generalisation are understood as phenomena and instruments one can utilise in order to enlarge one’s sphere of influence. The balancing act towards kitsch and the concomitant invisible limits of art play a central role here.


Through the use of modern production techniques such as 3D printing or precision laser processing, historic forms receive novel interpretations and are turned into contemporary objects. Gothic arches are replaced by baroque bombast and glossed over with a pinch of meta-modernism. An amalgamation takes place that pays no heed to historical truth but nonetheless allows for a glimpse of a view of the future.

Photos (c) Kaja Clara Joo and Manuel Carreon Lopez

Kai Trausenegger Portrait Smolka Contemporary

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Kai Philip Trausenegger

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