Manfred WakolbingerTongues

29.05. – 07.07.2019

About the exhibition

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday, 28th of May 7pm 


The exhibition of Manfred Wakolbinger (*1952) comprises works from three current groups of work, which were created between 2017 and 2019, and positions them in relationship to each other. The group of sculptures Zungen (Tongues) 2018-2019 in copper and putty deals with the relationship between plinth and sculpture. The two parts – a sensual tongue and a brutalist concrete base – become a unity. In addition to these standing objects, the extensive Circulations 2017-2018 in stainless steel pipes mounted on the walls are reminiscent of openly displayed currents within the body. Circulations is presented as an installation unity with the photographic works from the photo series Reversal 2018-2019.   The current exhibition shows Tongues and parts of Reversal. 


Lobkowitzplatz 3 / Spiegelgasse 25, 1010 Vienna