Dorothee Golz - Hollow Worlds


Dorothee Golz

Hollow Worlds

4.05. - 16.06.2017

MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

For a few weeks, Dorothee Golz’s transparent Hollow Worlds are moving into the MQ ARTBOX. They are conceived of forms that assert their raison d’etre in a physically graspable space during this time. There is a world of tangible objects. And there is a world of thinking, a reality we carry within ourselves and which is shaped by our experiences and lessons learned. The Hollow Worlds are such a world: an inner space that assumes a physical guise. Objects created from our (human based) imagination – table, lamp, chair are fabrications present within the Hollow Worlds. The amorphous figure is a plus that crept inside. It is that which is ungraspable but appropriates our existence. The Hollow Worlds are accessible but follow their own rules. Everything is contorted. Dorothee Golz: „It is an encounter between the objective and the subjective, the molded and spiritual reality – an encounter with oneself.“ In the sculptures Indivisible Togetherness and Bedroom – Experimental Arrangement the difficulty in allowing perceptions or life concepts to become real is visualized.


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