Roman Pfeffer - Helix Deconstructor


Roman Pfeffer

Helix Deconstructor

6.12. - 31.01.2017

MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

For the ArtBox, Roman Pfeffer has arranged the Austrian Olympic team’s rowing boat, which is originally 17.5 m long, into two spiral-shaped sculptures. Before segmenting the boat into 16 parts by means of precise saw cuts, he used it in the video Brain Twister (Autogyrocopter) as a continuous rotor blade that turned on his head. The ring of Mazzocchio is a geometrically-constructed circular shape consisting of 16 elements that hark back to the Florentine headdress of the Renaissance. The Mazzocchio was used by the Renaissance painter Paolo Ucello as a study subject for perspective painting. With the Mazzochhio, which is also exhibited at the ArtBox, Roman Pfeffer takes up this form again in order to reassemble it in numerous variations, for example in the wall sculpture Mazzocchio twister XII. Roman Pfeffer’s work deliberately eludes a linear interpretation. He creates multi-layered references to mathematics, natural sciences and art history. Roman Pfeffer changes forms so as to render them absurd, thus suspending and calling into question the existing order and manner of seeing.